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People say money can’t buy happiness. They Lie. Money buys Coffee, Coffee makes Me Happy!

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are proud to announce a new family member of ORIGINA!

ORIGINA Coffee Latte is the perfect RTD Coffee with a delicious milky blend in every sip to satisfy all you coffee lovers out there! ☕


Coffee Latte means “coffee & milk” and the origin of the word comes from the Italian caffè e latte. Blended with finely premium grounded coffee and high-quality milk, making it comparable to freshly brewed milk coffee. With freeze concentration, high technology, the aroma, color, and taste of the coffee is well preserved. The concept was simple but the taste and quality are different and unique. Are you wondering about it right now? Why don’t buy it now? We bet the coffee lover must know the difference from other normal coffee once has tasted it *wink*

Per 200 ml contains

  • Energy = 102 kcal
  • Cholesterol = 0 mg
  • Trans-Fat = 0 mg

Our Specialities

  • Innovative R&D using premium freeze concentrate microgrounded coffee
  • Trans fat-free
  • Great taste products with a HEALTHIER PERCEPTION for consumers
  • Flexible packaging can consume hot/ cold
  • Less Sugar with Premium Taste