(PRE-ORDER) ORIGINA TAMAR MILK 800ml (6 pcs/ packs)

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Origina Tamar Milk contains high calcium mixed with pure natural dates concentrated, which is low in fat, contains no added sugar, and no preservative ingredients. Drink our Tamar Milk to fulfill your daily nutrition needs!


Per 200 ml contains

Energy = 68 Kcal
Cholesterol = 0 mg
Fat = 0 mg
Sodium = 55 mg
Calcium = 79.6 mg

Our Specialities

• Best R&D process
• No added sugar
• No preservatives
• No colouring
• Imported milk from Australia
• With high grades dates concentrate

General health benefits

• Milk booster for breastfeeding mums
• Good nutrition for pregnant woman
• Help in child early growth
• Energy booster
• Help in muscle building
• Overcome insomnia
• Improve the digestive system
•Regulate a healthy nervous system.