ORIGINA TEH TARIK 200ml (12 pcs/ packs)

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ORIGINA Teh Tarik uses the highest quality black tea powder mixed with the creamer, which can help to brighten your day. Enjoy the taste of our Malaysian culture with our Milk Tea! It is also cholesterol-free and trans-fat, so you can enjoy the drink anytime, anywhere without feeling guilty!

Per 200 ml contains

Energy = 46 Kcal / 2%
Cholesterol = 0 mg / 0%
Trans-Fat = 0 mg / 0%
Sodium = 24 mg/ 1%
Calcium = 1310 mg/ 164%

Our Specialties

•Rich with milky tea taste
•Free trans-fat
•Free cholesterol
•Strong aroma with smooth taste

General health benefits
•Aging delay agent
•Mood booster
•Rich in antioxidants

• Improve the digestive system
•Regulate a healthy nervous system.